✅ Are you feeling frazzled with the continual demands of life ?

✅ Does it feel like you are being pulled in different directions and you haven't a clue which way to turn ?

✅ Constantly being triggered by peoples comments and opinions on social media ?

✅ Reacting rather than responding to external events

✅ Lacking the ability to remain focused in your business because you feel scattered and anxious much of the time ?


✅ Where emotional triggers held no power over us

✅ A world in which we had the tools to CHANGE OUR STATE easily and effortlessly

✅ Imagine the possibilities .......

Its time to learn HOW you are wired, HOW you work and HOW you can manage your emotional triggers

The trigger taming toolkit is a 4 module trauma - informed online course that will teach you how to

✅ Shift from a state of chaos to calm,

✅ Shift from external overwhelm to inner certainty

✅ Shift from crash to coach state

PLUS TIME SENSITIVE BONUS MODULE ( expires 29th November )

✅ Create your trigger taming map

Was £ 97.00 Now £ 27.00


Was £ 97.00 Now £ 27.00



  • 4 module online trauma - informed program hosted on a secure platform
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Email support
  • Learn HOW to and WHY neuroregulation is so crucial in reducing triggers
  • Learn HOW you are wired and HOW you work
  • Learn the COACH / CRASH model and how to recognise the sign of stress
  • Learn to spot the symptoms of stress, trauma and complex trauma
  • Learn HOW trauma changes the brain , why you are triggered and what you can do about it
  • Learn techniques to reduce emotional flashbacks
  • Learn techniques to manage and soften strong emotions
  • Gain access to my list of UNIQUE affirmations that your inner critic will actually believe 

PLUS TIME SENSITIVE BONUS MODULE ( expires 29th November )

✅ Create your trigger taming map

Was £ 97.00 Now £ 27.00

Ali Smith is an accredited trauma and polyvagal informed coach and educator , narcissistic abuse specialist and EMDR therapist

" Working with Alison has been one of my best investments on my path of healing and growth. She is intuitive in her approach in helping me to access the most difficult parts of my journey " Kirk B

" The awareness I have gained around my subconscious patterns has been mind blowing. I have doubled my business revenue and have gained the courage to leave a destructive relationship . Thanks Ali ! "

Anita L

" I have gained so many insights into myself. Understanding my triggers and what causes them has been SUCH a powerful exercise "

Anthea P

" I honestly can't thank you enough. Your sessions are genuinely changing my ability to control my brain ie reverse the magnetic draw of being sucked into those terrible places "

Tracy G

Was £97.00 Now £27.00